Night time River Cruise, Saranac River 6x12

Night time River Cruise, Saranac River 6x12
Night Time River Cruise, Saranac River 6x12View at Strand Center for the Arts Plattsburgh, NY

Monday, September 1, 2014

Rounding the turn…

Kathy - August 18, 2014

Here is number one hundred three in the Face to Face: Drawn to Saranac Lake project. Kathy was the very first person who contacted me in January. Why not til August? Life has its turns and it was having turns with Kathy this year. But when I say I hear stories from each person I paint, I strongly suspect Kathy hears more stories. Kathy is a florist. Think, "These roses are to be delivered where?"

Another sign of rounding the turn is finally – after 8 months – the funding has landed in my bank account, clearing up some things and allowing me to replenish colors that have worn down to mere nubbins of color. The grant from NYSCA covers only materials, not time, not travel, not the many hats that I have found myself wearing for this project. Costs are higher too than when I first estimated a year ago. It is part of doing business, but in my mind so unnecessary to have had to wait.

As I prepared more square boards for this months paintings I realized I am over halfway towards what is solidifying into the final number in the 160 to 170 range of participants. Folks are making appointments to sit in October and November – it is September after all. I finish up December 12.
Email me.

All of which means I need to knuckle down and begin the printing process for those who have sat for me so far. I am aiming to have a good number of Face to Face portrait prints ready for pick up during Artist at Work Studio Tour, September 27-28, 10 to 5 each day at my studio in Gabriels.

Fresh Paint, on the St. Lawrence

During Studio Tour, there will be lots of paintings on my gallery wall made this year en plein air in the Adirondacks near and far. Yes, I have been busy. Between faces and the landscape I may have made more than 150 works so far this year.

Visiting my studio is a great opportunity to see the work and fall in love with a piece. A purchase of my work does help the project. Consider buying a painting as giving a mini grant and you get to take home a piece of the Adirondacks. It is a whole lot less bookwork for me than applying for a grant too!

First Color, Great Camp Sagamore - Sold
Stay tuned. Though I say I will make the effort to post more often, life does take its turns.

Artliveslong, D