Night time River Cruise, Saranac River 6x12

Night time River Cruise, Saranac River 6x12
Night Time River Cruise, Saranac River 6x12View at Strand Center for the Arts Plattsburgh, NY

Friday, January 23, 2015

January. Working on the next steps for Face to Face - The Exhibit 2015

Isabella - April 26, 2014*

I am currently working on printing the portraits for everyone who had participated in Face to Face:
Drawn to Saranac Lake. Also finishing up several childrens' portraits whom I did not make sit for the 2 hours necessary as older participants have done. I have had to time myself, because it is so easy to get involved and perfect the work when I have a couple of reference photos.

BUT. I am timing myself - as I had done with everyone to get to the same stage of doneness.  Then working on each file in the computer, then printing each one. It is the first time I am seeing them in a group since I started stacking them in my studio a year ago.

The Stack as of October 11.
With over 180 portraits,  The Stack is now as tall as the portrait in the background. I did put one under glass, but I do not have any frames to finish.

So here is the money story for 2015: I've been notified that I will receive partial funds for my 2015 Decentralization grant request but that will cover about 20% of the framing - when it comes. Remember it is over 180 one-foot-square portraits.

Yeah Yikes. So now I am switching gears from the fun stuff - meeting people and painting their faces, to the Artist-as-the-Fundraiser/Framer/PR Person. I am asking everyone I know to help pitch in on the framing. I have arranged a couple of win-win-win options to help.

To help contact me: 

Tomi - December 11,2014
Mark - December 3, 2014

Bob - December 4, 2014
This project will be a large work in progress for the foreseeable future.

To keep up sign up for updates.

To receive your print call and we will set up a time to pick up regardless of when you sat. Just don't do it all at once! It is only one of me. No Intern. No Secretary. No Board. Just me.

Thank you for checking on the project.

Artliveslong, D

My studio is in beautiful downtown Gabriels. See you soon.

* PS. My Grandgirl Isabella volunteered and showed my how to do kids.