Night time River Cruise, Saranac River 6x12

Night time River Cruise, Saranac River 6x12
Night Time River Cruise, Saranac River 6x12View at Strand Center for the Arts Plattsburgh, NY

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Breakneck Speed of Summer.

Late August and I can feel the fall sneaking into my motions. There is a coolness to the air that is not the same coolness that has been part of this summers recalcitrant appearance in the Adirondacks. No, this coolness had the little whisper that says, "It's time to get ready."

Misty Messages - August 2015
But I am not ready! August moved way too fast beginning with the Morristown Plein Air Festival where four pieces and a couple of mini studies were made, framed and hung in 3 days time. Then a large family celebration with visitors from 3000 miles away and as close as a mile away attending. Then yet another painting event last week- this time close to home - the Adirondack Plein Air Festival with five paintings made in four days.

No, not ready for fall - a grand girl entering college for the first time and the younger heading back to 3rd grade before Labor Day. Not ready at all.

Toys Awaiting Boys II - August 2015
There is Face to Face looming.
My goal this coming month is to continue the framing and get it done before the end of September. It has to happen. So many other jobs to do once they are completed.

I need help.
I need help with the on-line campaign that was set up almost two months ago to close with a bang in September.
Surely everyone can use a 2016 calendar? Or a print of a painting or an original. Yes I am thanking contributors with gifts.

Please do consider and act to support the campaign. Your help allows me focus on getting the framing of all 185 faces complete so we can view faces drawn to Saranac Lake in 2014 in style.

Go to:   
To stay updated sign up up for the blog or better yet sign up for the Thumbprints of Diane Leifheit Newsletter on my website. Thank you.

Artliveslong, Diane

This post is dedicated to Henry Parness with much love.  
Henry 1925 - 2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Eighty-seven Days to Go.

I've been framing the Face to Face project. 87 days to go till the exhibit opens in November, 62 pieces are safe under glass, 21 are complete in their frames and ready to hang.

Each piece takes a couple of hours to go from being in this pile …

to this pile …

to this pile.

A couple of friends who volunteered their framing skills will be helping with the last part of the framing. Most of the glass, which has been donated by Wayne Newman of Newman and Holmes, has been cut and is ready to install. 87 days to go. I have promised  myself I would get this part done by the end of September. That is really much shorter than 87 days isn't it?

Falls at Rossi
Here are a couple of pieces from the Morristown Plein Air festival. I really like painting in that neck of the woods along the St. Lawrence. The clouds are amazing and one can see to forever in the yellow sunshine.

Old Man's Island, St. Lawrence
Look for me painting Plein Air between August 19 - 22 in the Saranac Lake area, my stomping grounds, during the Adirondack Plein Air Fest. I will post my morning location on Facebook so maybe you can track me down. I may have afternoons figured out but not have access to electronic media. We'll see. There will be a show and sale of all the work made by over 50 participating artists at the  Harrietstown Town Hall Saturday August 22 from 10-4. Over 400 paintings of our territory here in the 'Dacks- surely there will be a favorite view for anyone who lives here - visitors too.

Please don't forget to check here if you would like to support Face to Face. I am giving away my 2016 calendar and paintings as gifts for donating.  
Thank you to everyone who is helping. 
It is Our Project!
One of these folks has moved away since their portrait was made. Anyone know who?

Monday, August 3, 2015

Plein Air Painting or Face to Face?

This past weekend I spent 3 full days painting in Morristown New York for the Library Plein Air Festival.

Whats that you say? Aren't you supposed to be framing?!

Yes and No. I have to paint. I have to frame. The frame work is coming along. This past weekend was a leap forward for my work. No I did not sell nor win anything but I made 7 pieces - three small seen here and 4 larger which I will put up later. 

Day One: Painting in the Car in the Rain 6x11
All of them are gifts offered in the Adirondack Gives campaign for Face to Face: Let's Get It Framed. For $100 a backer will receive a small unframed pastel like one of these three. I have accumulated a couple of dozen of these sweet little paintings to offer as a gift for backing Face to Face in the campaign.  For $500 a backer receives a small framed plein air work. For $1000 a backer receives a barn painting. And o the barns in Morristown are extraordinary.

Day One; The sun came out! 6x11
Why would this be of interest?

If you have been reading about Face to Face for the last year and a half you will know there were 185 people who had a portrait made for this project. The work belongs to Saranac Lake and will reside in Saranac Lake on permanent loan. They are not being sold to the folks who sat for the project. They are staying together as the collection representing a slice of Saranac Lake in 2014, a piece of history.

Face to Face belongs to you.

I need your help to complete the project, to have the pieces ready to show in in November in the Library. Head to the site and read more about it.

Only 34 more days to go!

Day Two: Hidden red barn,at the river outlet. 7x8
As Cherrie Sayles said to me 2 years ago,
Let's get 'er done!

 Click here to become a backer.
Ladies of February Face to Face