Night time River Cruise, Saranac River 6x12

Night time River Cruise, Saranac River 6x12
Night Time River Cruise, Saranac River 6x12View at Strand Center for the Arts Plattsburgh, NY

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Travel is Fatal…

     We have been traveling this spring in Costa Rica and Mexico. It was the first time in Costa Rica and it was an eye opening journey. We rented a four wheel drive vehicle. Don't kid yourself – you need this to get around. Roads are archaic. The alternative would have been a bus or hired drivers which would have put one of us in the back seat. We did 1100 kilometers in three weeks over several well traveled routes through the western side of this country the size of West Virgina.

    Envision contemplating volcanoes, Oz green hillsides, cerulean lakes, cloud forests, rivers flowing into the ocean, beaches rocked by earthquakes, waterfalls waiting for rainy season, walls of fish, dolphins dancing on the waves, turtles drifting lazily by the boat, and tons of birds including the illusive quetzal.

Same Quetzal as Turquoise.
Quetzal as green.
     Then there are butterflies. There is one that is transparent - really. There is the morpho, a jewel. Its outside wing color is like an old leaf. The inside a miraculous blue that is like a window to a sky in another universe. Its wing span is about 6-7 inches and it does its best to steal your eyes when it floats by then vanishes in the undergrowth. The new one added to our list is named a Postman Moth but it flies during the day. There was a hatch day - we drove through thousands of them for an hour and a half.
Montezuma beach/Pacific & Postman Moth

     Ticos, the term Costa Ricans call themselves, are an open and welcoming people. We lunched with a young couple we met on the ferry across Nicoya Bay. We were schooled in the eco philosophy of the country by a guide on a mission to change views to help the the environment. Another guide knew exactly where and why the quetzal could be found. Ate in a soda-a local eatery-where we found the ultimate fruit smoothies for breakfasts while people watching Ticos and tourists in Montezuma.

Volcano Arenal - Dawn - Pastel Plein Air, Costa Rica. 
     Yes I painted there. But it is too much to take in and cameras hardly do justice. Every turn of the road revealed yet another amazing view. Flowers are everywhere, looking like truck loads of plastic flowers have been randomly sling-shot all over the country side during a seventh inning stretch.

      Came home to find the Adirondacks was finally shedding the most mean winter endured in a long time. Chickadees have forgivingly returned to the feeder that went empty after our departure. Crocus and snowdrops obligingly whisper the promise of spring. The lakes are "out" and deep blue. It is good to be home.

      Now back to the studio and Face to Face the exhibit, about 2/3s of the portraits have been printed, and awaiting pick up.  I have posted hours on my website for when I will be in the studio, barring weather too good not to paint. Hint: Rainy days are good to call and stop in.

     Time to get back to work. Happy Spring!