Night time River Cruise, Saranac River 6x12

Night time River Cruise, Saranac River 6x12
Night Time River Cruise, Saranac River 6x12View at Strand Center for the Arts Plattsburgh, NY

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

For one reason or another… and best reason.

Some where in September I started a painting. I'd been waiting for the right day to go to South Creek, a favorite place of mine, to catch the color.

Meantime I was framing Face to Face like crazy and with some help from my friends Jeanne and Shawn. It got finished in October. I basically have missed the tiny window for Adirondack Autumn which was very slow in coming this year, very Slow.

The business end of this huge art project has been nearly all consuming. The painting of South Creek is on my easel waiting, tempting and scolding me. It will be there for a bit as the Face to Face exhibit will come down next week for one reason. For another wresting the studio into a holiday flavor for the next 3 Sunday Open Studios is on the agenda.

Then most important–my grand boy was born on November 29. He needs some grama time though I am pretty sure it is me needing grand boy time. Travel, holidays, family, life is full.

Here is a piece of work made in September, a challenge for myself. The color of the wild apples in the the ceramic bowl pulled me out of the kitchen, into the pastel box.

This little painting and others are available at the Holiday Open Studio Sundays December 6, 13, 20 12 -5 at my studio in Gabriels. Stop in to see it up close. Cider and cookies too, a small thank you for my friends and patrons.

Best of the Holidays to All!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tick, tock. Tick, tock…

Barrie wrote the croc as a she. Hmm…
" I suppose it's like the ticking crocodile, isn't it? Time is chasing after us all."
J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

There. It is official. Standard time arrived at 4:59 am. Digital clocks corrected.

The Project wakes me,  roaring with to-dos. Tea, and stream of conscious listing. The ten day countdown begins tomorrow. Posters, postcards, pr, labels, signage, reception, installation, lighting, bodies - need bodies.

Other life: cat asks for breakfast - she doesn't care what time it is. The bowl is empty. Dishes away. Tea is hot.

Back to roaring lists. Writing smooths it out. Schedule bills now - can't think about them later and won't give them the satisfaction of a late charge just because Life is going pretty fast this month. Ads for now, ads for later, calendar - finish-order, print more posters, exhibit design, list participants, backers, history, future.

Oh yes, laundry.

Standard time gave me an extra hour today as ephemeral as autumn. It is evaporating with the steam of the tea. To work.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Room to Move, Then Tetris

This is ninety Portraits.
I found the floor in my studio! For about two months the portraits have been carefully stacked front-to-front, back-to-back on the rug, accumulating mass and floor space as they were framed.

The portraits are all now in their boxes, numbered, labeled, except for one. Somehow this one did not seem to find it's correct box and I kept running across it as I methodically packed the others, ten to a box in consecutive order. It kept me company for the whole process. "What are you doing still out Dylan?", I finally asked it. Studio time is quiet.

Keep it simple right? So this one will have to find it's place later today as I finish that job up. Whew.

Onto PR, posters, postcards, mailing, lists, emails.

Most important though is laying out the space for the installation. It will be like playing Tetris with 185 portraits. How many on this wall, then the next. Spacing, grouping, breathing room. Then there will be less cause for panic when the boxes actually arrive in the Cantwell Room and the portraits take their assigned places on the walls.

Other News

The Adirondack Gives On Line Campaign went over the top two days a head of schedule. Big Thanks to all 36 backers and the many backers who also contributed off line. Face to Face could not be done without you all.
Just so you know, if you are still considering backing the project – and I hope you are if you have not already done so – tax deductible contributions can be made to Face to Face, care of Pendragon Theatre, 15 Brandybrook Avenue, Saranac Lake, NY 12983

Face to Face: Drawn to Saranac Lake
Opening November 12- December 7 
Reception November 12, 3-6pm
Saranac Lake Free Library
All Are Welcome!

Stayed tuned.
Artliveslong, Diane

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Yellow Day

Yellow light til the end
The leaves in the 'Dacks have gone to yellow and gold, particularly in my yard. The light early this morning filled the rooms of the house with yellow even though it was still overcast. I took advantage of the day to tend to the garden - get it ready for winter which may or may not come soon.

It is a ritual I put off as long I can, then I go full blast clearing out vegetables, trimming perennials, chasing down persistent weeds.

The garden did well without me this season. Torn between the project - framing - and taking advantage of plein painting opportunities plus loads of family stuff, the garden was left on its own, took care of itself and looked like a 35 year-old garden – full and colorful.

Still blooming in October

Working out there today made me appreciate the earth, the sky, the stubbornness of weeds, the hope of a single standing hollyhock in the middle of October.

There are surprises along the way, especially since I have not worked in the garden as hard or deliberately as previous years. Todays surprise is the beer radish. It started as an experiment along with regular radishes. Then they were forgotten until today when I came upon this one. Hmm… I wonder how many beers this will take to eat?

It will take a couple of days to clean and prep the rest of the garden but I don't think I have that much time. Weather is coming. Geese are gone. The yellow light will falter as the leaves drift to the ground.

Today was a lovely day. Gotta bottle it.

A beginning, Thursday am at South Creek

Sunday, September 13, 2015

What is in it for me?


There were one-hundred-eighty-five portraits made. That statement is just a crack in the door. Why? The question is begged and I have replied a few different things. But that is not relevant to what happened to me.

What happened to me was unexpected. 185 people, all in a specific time of their lives, sat, all willing and some eager to be part of Face to Face. Some were complete strangers whom I now can greet and say hi. Some were people I had a preconceived notion of who they were from some other time or event that was completely wrong. Those were folks I was surprised to find them wanting to do this thing, have their portrait made by me. I realized if I was going to sit opposite that person, I had to throw out what I knew with all my prejudices and get on with the portrait.

That was my life changer.

By finding a way of scrubbing out preconceived ideas I became more open. It took me until the fourth month of the project to stop talking about myself and the project and turn the questions back to the sitter. It was hard work not to second guess where anyone was coming from in conversation. About that time my head, heart started opening to the real human element of the project. It was a very public place sitting there in Compass Printing yet all kinds of subjects were discussed. People would sit for two hours and we would talk.

From this opening in my head I was allowed to see my sitter better. As the project progressed, so did the seeing of the person and my ability to capture not just a likeness but also that particular space in time. The days mindset of the individual began to emerge in the work.

When Face to Face is finally hung, that will be a high point in the project. Even as the maker of all these portraits I have not yet seen all of them at one time. The story of the faces looking back at me, the progress in my work and my head is going to show. But I have no idea what that will look like.

Seeing them all looking back, that is what is in it for me.

Stay tuned.

Artliveslong, Diane

Two Days to go.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Boring Deadline: Four Days Left for Online Campaign Face to Face: Let's Get It Framed

Full disclosure: I am asking for your help and it is not exciting. Art Math I call it.

I am full of numbers right now. Four (4) days left in the Adirondack Gives Campaign for Face to Face. One-hundred-eighty-five (185) portraits to frame. Eighty (80) are complete, glassed, taped, wired, identified, ready to be boxed up. Fifty-eight (58) are ready to put into the frame. That leaves forty-three (43) still to trim, clean glass, place the spacers that are 12 inches long each on the glass, seal up with tape on all four sides, then frame. 

And that ain't all. I need to order boxes the right size to hold no more than ten (10) with spacers and foam so it can be picked up by me when it is time to bring it to the Library in Novemeber to hang in the Cantwell Room.

This project is like a sharp shooters gallery: as soon as one target is knocked down, a new one pops up.

Wall of just a dozen
I have had a lot of help so far. Wayne Newman gave me all the glass. Jeanne Danforth has given me two days to help frame. Shawn Helperin will be helping frame next week.

The on-line campaign backers have contributed to part of the cost of framing.  NYSCA has contributed about 20% of the cost for the project this year. There have been contributions from folks just stopping in the studio in Gabriels and others have contributed through Pendragon Theatre, the fiscal sponsor for the project so they will also receive a tax deduction.

I warned you this is boring. 

But I am excited because I see this part of this project coming to head. The exhibit will be in November and everyone is invited to the opening.  My vision is seeing all those faces on the wall looking back at all the faces in the room. Shivers.

Only Four Days Left in the Online Campaign. You can help. It is a win-win situation. You do have a choice of art gifts from the studio to choose from. Go the site and check it out.

Did I say Thank You? 


Thank You for your interest and your support.

Thank You.

Thank You.
By the way, Who are these folks? and How come their background is all in the same color family?
Stay tuned.

Artliveslong, Diane

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Breakneck Speed of Summer.

Late August and I can feel the fall sneaking into my motions. There is a coolness to the air that is not the same coolness that has been part of this summers recalcitrant appearance in the Adirondacks. No, this coolness had the little whisper that says, "It's time to get ready."

Misty Messages - August 2015
But I am not ready! August moved way too fast beginning with the Morristown Plein Air Festival where four pieces and a couple of mini studies were made, framed and hung in 3 days time. Then a large family celebration with visitors from 3000 miles away and as close as a mile away attending. Then yet another painting event last week- this time close to home - the Adirondack Plein Air Festival with five paintings made in four days.

No, not ready for fall - a grand girl entering college for the first time and the younger heading back to 3rd grade before Labor Day. Not ready at all.

Toys Awaiting Boys II - August 2015
There is Face to Face looming.
My goal this coming month is to continue the framing and get it done before the end of September. It has to happen. So many other jobs to do once they are completed.

I need help.
I need help with the on-line campaign that was set up almost two months ago to close with a bang in September.
Surely everyone can use a 2016 calendar? Or a print of a painting or an original. Yes I am thanking contributors with gifts.

Please do consider and act to support the campaign. Your help allows me focus on getting the framing of all 185 faces complete so we can view faces drawn to Saranac Lake in 2014 in style.

Go to:   
To stay updated sign up up for the blog or better yet sign up for the Thumbprints of Diane Leifheit Newsletter on my website. Thank you.

Artliveslong, Diane

This post is dedicated to Henry Parness with much love.  
Henry 1925 - 2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Eighty-seven Days to Go.

I've been framing the Face to Face project. 87 days to go till the exhibit opens in November, 62 pieces are safe under glass, 21 are complete in their frames and ready to hang.

Each piece takes a couple of hours to go from being in this pile …

to this pile …

to this pile.

A couple of friends who volunteered their framing skills will be helping with the last part of the framing. Most of the glass, which has been donated by Wayne Newman of Newman and Holmes, has been cut and is ready to install. 87 days to go. I have promised  myself I would get this part done by the end of September. That is really much shorter than 87 days isn't it?

Falls at Rossi
Here are a couple of pieces from the Morristown Plein Air festival. I really like painting in that neck of the woods along the St. Lawrence. The clouds are amazing and one can see to forever in the yellow sunshine.

Old Man's Island, St. Lawrence
Look for me painting Plein Air between August 19 - 22 in the Saranac Lake area, my stomping grounds, during the Adirondack Plein Air Fest. I will post my morning location on Facebook so maybe you can track me down. I may have afternoons figured out but not have access to electronic media. We'll see. There will be a show and sale of all the work made by over 50 participating artists at the  Harrietstown Town Hall Saturday August 22 from 10-4. Over 400 paintings of our territory here in the 'Dacks- surely there will be a favorite view for anyone who lives here - visitors too.

Please don't forget to check here if you would like to support Face to Face. I am giving away my 2016 calendar and paintings as gifts for donating.  
Thank you to everyone who is helping. 
It is Our Project!
One of these folks has moved away since their portrait was made. Anyone know who?

Monday, August 3, 2015

Plein Air Painting or Face to Face?

This past weekend I spent 3 full days painting in Morristown New York for the Library Plein Air Festival.

Whats that you say? Aren't you supposed to be framing?!

Yes and No. I have to paint. I have to frame. The frame work is coming along. This past weekend was a leap forward for my work. No I did not sell nor win anything but I made 7 pieces - three small seen here and 4 larger which I will put up later. 

Day One: Painting in the Car in the Rain 6x11
All of them are gifts offered in the Adirondack Gives campaign for Face to Face: Let's Get It Framed. For $100 a backer will receive a small unframed pastel like one of these three. I have accumulated a couple of dozen of these sweet little paintings to offer as a gift for backing Face to Face in the campaign.  For $500 a backer receives a small framed plein air work. For $1000 a backer receives a barn painting. And o the barns in Morristown are extraordinary.

Day One; The sun came out! 6x11
Why would this be of interest?

If you have been reading about Face to Face for the last year and a half you will know there were 185 people who had a portrait made for this project. The work belongs to Saranac Lake and will reside in Saranac Lake on permanent loan. They are not being sold to the folks who sat for the project. They are staying together as the collection representing a slice of Saranac Lake in 2014, a piece of history.

Face to Face belongs to you.

I need your help to complete the project, to have the pieces ready to show in in November in the Library. Head to the site and read more about it.

Only 34 more days to go!

Day Two: Hidden red barn,at the river outlet. 7x8
As Cherrie Sayles said to me 2 years ago,
Let's get 'er done!

 Click here to become a backer.
Ladies of February Face to Face

Friday, July 24, 2015

Studio Tour, Cookies, Mountains and Faces.

Here is the "Birds Eye View" from the Wild Walk in Tupper Lake. This 12x28 piece has been framed and ready to be seen tomorrow during Artist at Work Studio Tour.

Bird's Eye View
And a dose of faces from Face to Face. As usual I'm asking if anyone knows every one in the group. Let me know! Help out the framing by going clicking here:

Yes I will have cookies. The oven is preheating as I write. Tour is 10-5 tomorrow, Saturday, July 25 or you can check my website for weekly hours.

I am heading out to Morristown for a Plein Air event to benefit Morristown Library this coming week. The big river is a sight there and Amish are everywhere. Looking forward to just painting.

PS. I have a very nervous Pheobe who took over a Robins nest on my porch. She is going to be upset all day. Her clutch has finally hatched. She has just not gotten used to us walking on the porch.

Monday, July 20, 2015

How Not to Procrastinate - Allegedly.

Who knows all these folks? They are some of the very earliest sitters for Face to Face.
So there a a qazillion cool tools on the inter-web,  as Chris calls it - to set up schedules and announce events, calculate exercise and calorie intake. The list goes on… The one that got me is the tool counting down to November 12, 2015. 114 days to go til Face to Face opens in the library.

There are 48 days to go til the end of the online Adirondack Gives campaign that has been set up to help fund framing all 185 faces. It is 27% funded as of this particular moment.

I have lost track of how many people have stopped at my studio to pick up their gift for sitting last year - a full size digital portrait print for each person who sat for two hours - plus or minus.

Still early in the framing, there are 22 framed today - only 165 more to frame.

Stats and numbers are not my forte. I hate doing books but I am good at framing and designing a space to hang art. I do like schedules so this cool little tool telling me that there are 114 days left is a great prod for me to keep at the frame work.

"Yeah but you're writing right now. What's with that?" you say.

Good question.

This coming Saturday, July 25, is the first Last Saturday Artist at Work Studio Tour for 2015. Come visit an artist at work. Pick up your portrait print. See some plein air work of the area. Marvel at how much space 185 frames takes up.

AND… If you cannot make it Saturday check my website. The front page has studio hours posted weekly -

113 and 1/2 days to go…

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Zigi's Exhibit or what I do on the side

     When I walked into the LPCA gallery late Monday afternoon I realized I was not prepared for the job that awaited me. Art had arrived from Zigi Ben-Haim for exhibit wrapped in tons of bubble wrap and sheets of heavy plastic. Three 7-foot sculptures were standing uncermoniously in the space. The young man who delivered the work from New York City pointed out some tips for handling of the work. He was anxious to take off back to the city.

     I unwrapped a couple of pieces. It become obvious this would not be a classic hanging of paintings. The majority of pieces are on custom aluminum frames and not wired to hang. It would be a balancing act between two nails to hang most pieces. The bubble level would be indispensable.

     More interesting to me though was the work itself. As the installer for the art I have looked at Zigi's work for the last two days — longer than anyone will for the duration of the exhibit with perhaps exception of the box office staff.

     While the work was still in plastic I was really not sure of what I was looking at. But the process of unwrapping and hanging revealed an interesting exhibit of current works by a renowned artist. The work is like a shape shifter: first you see one thing - then another. Organic shapes move literally and figuratively in aluminum, canvas, burlap, hardware cloth, light, shadow and paint.
Zigi Ben-Haim: Made in the USA - at Lake Placid Center for the Arts
      The largest piece - 80 inches by 144 inches - was hung first. Standing back from it I saw it would provide the viewer with recognizable icons providing a culmination or primer, depending on ones point of view, for the rest of the exhibit.

     Zigi's work is not anything like the work I do but by being so close to the work for the three-day installation, I found it was an eye opener, providing an appreciation of another artists process and conceptualization of work. It is definitely worth a visit to the gallery for art enthusiasts and regional artists.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." — Ferris

Four huge boxes of frames on the porch at 815 SR86  site of the studio
It took most of the morning but I got this pile o' frames into my studio and can still walk around in it! They are stashed (?) in three areas.

Thank goodness they will end up living elsewhere in 123 days. Why?, you say, are you counting days? Well it seems like a good impetus to keep my focus on what is a very repetitive job. I do enjoy each painting as I am framing it so it is not without benefits.

Meantime summer seems to have arrived with all it's insane busy-ness. The discipline needed to shrug all obligations to family and framing and go out and paint would seem hard to come by. My eyes are compelling me to go out and get that view. Summer is so ethereal and very short here.

Must take advantage of the day.

PS Mark K. piggy-backed a small frame order with this company.  Just a comparison.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Faces and a Wild Walk

Here are 4 people who participated in Face to Face: Drawn to Saranac Lake. Do you know who they are? Three I never met before they came to sit for me. I will post more later this week. You will receive one of my art cards if you get it right.

Meantime: Here is a mini  – the first little painting made on the Wild Walk during members week last Thursday before it rained - yet again.

 Birds' Eye View from the Wild Walk - Mini plein air pastel 4x8
I also just finished the large painting I started there. It will be posted in my Thumbprints Newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter on my website,

The large piece looks different from the mini. But they both are about what till now was only the birds point of view.

It was interesting listening to visitors commenting on the view there, "O there's Whiteface!" and "There is Mt. Morris." It made me realize if one lives in town, any town, it takes an effort to get out and see that one lives in the mountains. I get to see the ranges all the time. From where I live the ride to town and back is the best in the Adirondacks.

The view was to the East here. The clouds ploughed in from the west, devouring the broken promise of blue skies. Had to wrap everything up quick. No cover on the Wild Walk.

The Wild Walk is an amazing structure – all handicap accessible. Go check it it out sometime.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Travel is Fatal…

     We have been traveling this spring in Costa Rica and Mexico. It was the first time in Costa Rica and it was an eye opening journey. We rented a four wheel drive vehicle. Don't kid yourself – you need this to get around. Roads are archaic. The alternative would have been a bus or hired drivers which would have put one of us in the back seat. We did 1100 kilometers in three weeks over several well traveled routes through the western side of this country the size of West Virgina.

    Envision contemplating volcanoes, Oz green hillsides, cerulean lakes, cloud forests, rivers flowing into the ocean, beaches rocked by earthquakes, waterfalls waiting for rainy season, walls of fish, dolphins dancing on the waves, turtles drifting lazily by the boat, and tons of birds including the illusive quetzal.

Same Quetzal as Turquoise.
Quetzal as green.
     Then there are butterflies. There is one that is transparent - really. There is the morpho, a jewel. Its outside wing color is like an old leaf. The inside a miraculous blue that is like a window to a sky in another universe. Its wing span is about 6-7 inches and it does its best to steal your eyes when it floats by then vanishes in the undergrowth. The new one added to our list is named a Postman Moth but it flies during the day. There was a hatch day - we drove through thousands of them for an hour and a half.
Montezuma beach/Pacific & Postman Moth

     Ticos, the term Costa Ricans call themselves, are an open and welcoming people. We lunched with a young couple we met on the ferry across Nicoya Bay. We were schooled in the eco philosophy of the country by a guide on a mission to change views to help the the environment. Another guide knew exactly where and why the quetzal could be found. Ate in a soda-a local eatery-where we found the ultimate fruit smoothies for breakfasts while people watching Ticos and tourists in Montezuma.

Volcano Arenal - Dawn - Pastel Plein Air, Costa Rica. 
     Yes I painted there. But it is too much to take in and cameras hardly do justice. Every turn of the road revealed yet another amazing view. Flowers are everywhere, looking like truck loads of plastic flowers have been randomly sling-shot all over the country side during a seventh inning stretch.

      Came home to find the Adirondacks was finally shedding the most mean winter endured in a long time. Chickadees have forgivingly returned to the feeder that went empty after our departure. Crocus and snowdrops obligingly whisper the promise of spring. The lakes are "out" and deep blue. It is good to be home.

      Now back to the studio and Face to Face the exhibit, about 2/3s of the portraits have been printed, and awaiting pick up.  I have posted hours on my website for when I will be in the studio, barring weather too good not to paint. Hint: Rainy days are good to call and stop in.

     Time to get back to work. Happy Spring!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

To Sleep, Perchance…

We are such stuff
As dreams are made on, and our little life

Is rounded with a sleep. Sir, I am vexed.

Bear with my weakness. My old brain is troubled.

Be not disturbed with my infirmity.

If you be pleased, retire into my cell

And there repose. A turn or two I’ll walk

To still my beating mind.

Prospero, The Tempest, Will Shakespeare

There was an interesting article in the New York Times Sunday Review on the benefit of sleep about a year ago. The illustration was what caught my eye: a layered cutaway of the head with little cleaner people sweeping the detritus of the day out of the brain.

The article instigated two thoughts. First, the illustration was telling the story well enough to compel reading about sleep. It made me wonder how I could have made that idea work and then about how paintings should work. It also made me consider the value of sleep.

Murder of Crows, Heaven Hill  12x18 pastel
First thought, a painting can tell a story, one story is usually best, something that draws the viewer in, instigates involvement by the viewer with the piece. A successful painting will provoke emotion, resonance, revere, annoyance. One of my paintings "Murder of Crows" was viewed by someone who said it annoyed him because it reminded him of shoveling snow. That kind of reaction is fascinating. Another series of paintings when viewed in exhibition provoked the feeling of being swirled around in the same space. One piece had a viewer comment on feeling the wind.

The article was questioning why we, as human beings, need sleep in spite of the fact that it would have seemed detrimental for our survival to be asleep when evolving in the savanna. The writer went in one direction explaining how sleep clears out accumulations of chemicals made during the day while using the awake brain. These chemicals, if left lying around in our heads, could trigger dementia and other aged brain issues. How, perhaps there is something that could be taken to alleviate the need for sleep - in spite of the fact that if sleep is what is beneficial for the brain, that there needs to be some pharmaceutical that could do the same thing. Shades of 5 Hour Energy ughh.

The article did not even come close to the idea of an afternoon nap or a brief walk to clean up some of the days accumulations. Did not recommend more than in passing, actual sleep really being a good idea for your health.

So I will. Not that I practice what I preach in any consistent way. A cat nap in the afternoon will often allow me to complete that insane to-do list I conjure for myself everyday. An afternoon nap turns tired children into charming, lovely creatures for the duration of a day so why not adults, who surely would appreciate it.

As for sleep at night, it is hardly recommended to look at emails just prior to heading to bed nor tackle the pile of bills or other bookwork. That will usually defeat the whole purpose of slipping into darkness and quiet of the wee hours.

Contemplation 20x16 pastel
Sleep, if one gets enough, is where some images appear, stories begin and creativity is renewed. Dreams that are vaguely remembered color the next day. Whether those peculiar, worrisome sorts or the nebulous, colored ideas that arrive after all those little guys have swept out the junk from yesterday, that is the plus of enough sleep in the personal equation.

Not enough sleep and things seem to move too slowly. I become convinced I am unable to achieve what needs to be done and somehow not quite enough umphh is left for the effort needed to actually create.

I do wish for more time in the day, more energy for the creativity. I need to resign myself to more creativity initiated with less waking time.

Methinks Master Will was on to something.

"To sleep perchance to dream—ay, there’s the rub, 

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come

When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,

Must give us pause. There’s the respect

That makes calamity of so long life."

Hamlet, Will Shakespeare

Friday, January 23, 2015

January. Working on the next steps for Face to Face - The Exhibit 2015

Isabella - April 26, 2014*

I am currently working on printing the portraits for everyone who had participated in Face to Face:
Drawn to Saranac Lake. Also finishing up several childrens' portraits whom I did not make sit for the 2 hours necessary as older participants have done. I have had to time myself, because it is so easy to get involved and perfect the work when I have a couple of reference photos.

BUT. I am timing myself - as I had done with everyone to get to the same stage of doneness.  Then working on each file in the computer, then printing each one. It is the first time I am seeing them in a group since I started stacking them in my studio a year ago.

The Stack as of October 11.
With over 180 portraits,  The Stack is now as tall as the portrait in the background. I did put one under glass, but I do not have any frames to finish.

So here is the money story for 2015: I've been notified that I will receive partial funds for my 2015 Decentralization grant request but that will cover about 20% of the framing - when it comes. Remember it is over 180 one-foot-square portraits.

Yeah Yikes. So now I am switching gears from the fun stuff - meeting people and painting their faces, to the Artist-as-the-Fundraiser/Framer/PR Person. I am asking everyone I know to help pitch in on the framing. I have arranged a couple of win-win-win options to help.

To help contact me: 

Tomi - December 11,2014
Mark - December 3, 2014

Bob - December 4, 2014
This project will be a large work in progress for the foreseeable future.

To keep up sign up for updates.

To receive your print call and we will set up a time to pick up regardless of when you sat. Just don't do it all at once! It is only one of me. No Intern. No Secretary. No Board. Just me.

Thank you for checking on the project.

Artliveslong, D

My studio is in beautiful downtown Gabriels. See you soon.

* PS. My Grandgirl Isabella volunteered and showed my how to do kids.