Night time River Cruise, Saranac River 6x12

Night time River Cruise, Saranac River 6x12
Night Time River Cruise, Saranac River 6x12

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Drawing for the Time-Crunched Question

Whew! I just finished giving a class - Drawing Studio Workshop for the Time-Crunched, at Lake Placid Center for the Arts

I have been listening for years to folks say they couldn't do a class on one particular night or another and came up with this crazy idea of giving everyone an option for when they could come. The set up was four weeks, two nights a week, choice of 4 or 8 days.

The first class was very full; five tables were set up for people to draw. About half of the participants, different every night, showed up for the balance of the course. What I ended up covering was fun and interesting. The course work did not depend on whether one had been there sequentially. Every night built up the participants ability to draw.

So I am wondering, was the very full class a one time thing or would there be a good chance it could fill again in the fall 2016 or winter 2017?

Let me know.

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  1. Brilliant! Time crunch seems to be a chronic condition for many Americans. What a great way for people to fit some creative time into their schedules.

  2. Developing different skills. What if you charged for online access to a particular skill set ie. Color and next composition...then juzy had the open class for critic and guidance.everyone ha their own focus you are there for confidence and sharpwn their skill to handle the tool student focuses on improving their vision .